17 December 2018
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Pediatric Health Research Center of Tabriz was Stabished at 2001. Started as a pediatric health research Team . The Founders was  Dr. Nemat Bilan (pediatric`s pulmonist), Dr. Mohammad Barzegar  (pediatric`s neurologist), Dr.Saeid Aslanabadi (pediatric`s surgeon), Dr. Kazem Ghaffar Zadeh Sakha  (pediatrician),  Dr. Ali Reza Nikniaz  (pediatrician) and Dr. Mandana Rafeey (pediatric`s gastrointestinologist). Accending To The agreement between Developing Conceal of medical Universities and vice Chanceler of Research and Technology of TUOMS, in 2009.

With the mentioned team effort by the date of 2009/03/02  in 193rd meeting of the Universities of medical sciences Developing Council , the primary agreement was achieved to establish Pediatric`s Health Research Center. Pediatric`s Health Research Center is now active with Dr. Mohammad Barzegar as the head since 2015/09/06 after final agreement on establishing such center in 248th  meeting of the Universities of medical sciences world.

Pediatric`s Health Research Center is committed to develop  top  applied and fundamental researches in the field of Neonatal and pediatrics  to facilitate health of pediatric population of the  country and also the world.

1.improving and utilizing current knowledge in the field of pediatric health

2. operating clinical , epidemiologic and fundamental studies with the purpose of reforming Health care Providing System in order to supply Islamic society needs.

3. collecting and classifying related documents and articles and then publishing them

4. training investigator individual in pediatric health

5. motivating investigator individual in pediatric health

6. cooperating with other associated national research center
7. scientific cooperating with international educational and research centers in figure of Islamic Republic of Iran laws


Tabriz Children’s Hospital,
University of Medical Sciences, Iran

Tell: ++984135262265
Email: Phrc_mb@tbzmed.ac.ir




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